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simone swan


i build nubian vaults out of small adobe bricks in southwest texas, on the texas-mexico border and in mexico. we also teach the skill to people around us. the ancient engineering technique stems from village masons in upper egypt and is now being taught in US deserts by adobe alliance, inc. it is wonderful to see the guastavino vaults in photos here since i grew up with those in downtown manhattan, and in the oyster bar.



The timbrel vault is back !



And check out this site for more fascinating pictures:

Ogbeifun, Edoghogho


I am excited about the workings of this age long art and will want to know more about it and use in the twenty-first century. How are where can one learn the art?

Frame and Form


very interesting post!
here an article about the prize World Building of the Year, the Mapungubwe Interpretation Center in South Africa. I hope you enjoy it!


kris de decker
Mark Van den Borre


One of the pictures referenced is not available anymore except at archive.org:


Kris De Decker


Thanks for the note and the link, Mark. I have put the picture in the article, before it disappears altogether.

Ben Hyde


There is currently an exhibit at the Boston Public Library about Guastavino's work and it travels to the National Building Mueseum in Washinton next. Ochsendorf will be giving a talk at the Library on the 17th.



While reading about the timbrel vault I reminded of the structure of nacre which consists of platelets of aragonite interwoven with each other embedded in an organic matrix and is much tougher than pure aragonite.
here's a link to an article about nacre

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