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Neil Noble


Practical Action was originally called the Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) and its head office is at the Schumacher Centre for Technology & Development, named after Fritz Schumacher the founder of ITDG and author of Small is Beautiful.



Instructables should also be mentioned.



Instructables thirded.

In 1999 most people were laughing about the (probably (apparently) unnecessary) disaster preparedness the alleged the Y2K event.
At that time I said "Why is it a bad idea to be ready for when something big goes wrong?" It's not going to be WW3 (probably) but overall it's not if but when. Sooner or later things will go wrong. A hurricane, earthquake, whatever 5 days worth of water and three days of food is never a bad idea.

Protip: a hand crank generated shortwave internet capable device is under $200. Food fuel and that and you are ready for almost anything.

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