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Roland Smith


An aluminium frame with stainless steel bolts is vulnerable to galvanic corrosion. Unless you use nonconductive spacers, which doesn't seem to be the case from the pictures on their website.

Best not use this bike anywhere near salt water!



Something doesn't seem 'right' about the pricing of these; I use similar aluminum and stainless steel bolts to construct solar panel racks and I find it hard to believe these runs over a few hundred; UNLESS theres some serious coin in the gearing/wheels; I'd like to see a price breakdown of parts in a parts list, X# Bolts, X# Lengths of aluminum, then the seat,etc. etc,.

Roland Smith


@Jason (#2)

The biggest cost will probably be labor. There is a lot of assembly on these bikes.

Gear hub and shifter will be in the order of € 200. A single disk brake set will be € 60-100. 20" rims are around € 10-15 a piece. 20" tires € 12-20, inner tubes around € 5.



I rode the recumbent cargo trike model about two years ago. I thought the idea is great but the trike is really awfull. Handling is downright scary even unloaded and I'm not scared very easy and rode only at 15-18km/h.

Since I own a recumbent trike (ICE Sprint) and use it for my daily commute (20.000km+ so far) I know quite well how a recumbent trike should handle even at 50-60km/h.

kris de decker


Since they presented the cycles "after more than two years of research and development", I guess you were riding an early prototype.

salloignon thibaut


I'm also working on my own modular bike concept build from aluminium profils.
The frame is 100% mecanicly assembled without any drilling, that means you can reuse the tubes and connectors.



Bicycle frames take a lot of stresses, hence the welded frame. You don't see a lot that varies much from the classic double triangle for good reason. I'm wondering about the robustness of this. That's a lot of bolts to have to tighten. Every bolt on every bicycle needs to be tightened periodically.



The bike is stiff, a little bit heavier than a regular bike (16kg). Diamond frame is great for sport bikes but we don't need that mutch stiffness for utilitary bicycles. The bolts are "vibrarion ready", the connectors are made for industrial machines with a lot of vibration. The first goal of this bike is to make a quickly and cheaply adjustable prototype.

It's really great to add or remove pieces of frame or connect two bike together, make it long or short,... And every one can do it, so I hope to help people to be creative with bikes with this concept.

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