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Not too long ago, both American Heritage and Invention & Technology stopped publishing. However, the are back again, thank goodness. I&T in particular was a very interesting magazine, which I'd read cover-to-cover. The reborn AH I have my doubts about; seems more ads than content.

S.P. Gass

Enjoy your summer. In the meantime, I invite your readers to check out my Low-Tech Times blog at http://lowtechtimes.com

The Low-Tech Times publishes short low-tech themed posts each weekday.

Bo Jensen

I understand that Invention & Technology will return in the Fall of 2012. The publisher is revamping the organization and finding new $$ to support publishing the magazine and creating a new website that will have the 25-year archive.

Roger Ellingson

I&T was my favorite magazine. It's Nov 2013 and it's still not back. If anyone knows when they might come back, please email me: poetasis@gmail.com In the mean time, I'll settle for back issues at a reasonable price.


Now Nov 2014, and still no sign of a reborn I&T magazine. Bummer.


Now Jan 2016, any sign of the rebirth of I&T yet? I'd rather have one issue of I&T to leaf through than all of the gossipy tabloid magazines put together!


Archives! And a new version of the magazine!



Hopefully this helps somebody else looking for this wonderful publication.

Thomas Potoniec

I was paid up almost two years in advance. Then nothing. No more issues were sent. Lost all my subscriptions .

Don Noack

I'm searching for copies for my collection. If anyone knows of a source or sources, please let me know. If you have a copy of the Fall 1997, Vol 13, Issue 2, I'd like to know what the cover looks like. Maybe send a pic or tell me the highlighted issue/article title/subject? Thanks much.

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