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Why not make it a simple wiki? Everyone already knows how to use it and it works well.

Kris De Decker


Yes, I was also thinking about that. But if I understand it well it seems that they prefer to work with (paid?) experts only.

Kris De Decker


"This bears all the hallmarks of a well-intentioned project that will grind slowly to a halt. Like flowers that wilt when cut and put in a vase, indigenous knowledge tends to degrade quickly when removed from its context."

See: http://www.doorsofperception.com/archives/2010/07/post_55.php



hand spinning is one of the oldest arts. anyone who practices daily spinning will acquire a built-in proficiency in any activity involving manual operations. as an example a good spinner will become an expert welder within no time. the coordination between mind and muscles will improve.



Flash sucks. Why not do it in simple HTML or a wiki as suggested above?

Eden Rock


The Barefoot Architect is a great start, for a hard copy of info. Seems mostly out of South America, but lots of great stuff for building, water filtration, and whatnot.



Animals (horses, bulls, donkeys etc.) and muscle powered machines like hoisting machines are missing.



Too bad, UNESCO is only building a mausoleum for all that knowledge.
I will write them about the Wikipedia...



This sort of preservation is a must in today's work place.
Now if only we could get the younger generation to bring some of these skills back to the field to help them improve their craftsmanship .

Morten Skogly


The site is already offline.

T. Rick


would love to subscribe for updates on this project, any help in doing that, vastly appreciated.
Toby... mesagoat [at] gmail [dot] com



this project (which seems to be dead) just sounds and smells like one more half-baked attempt to grab or eat public funding... especially europe is chock full of this style of corrupt use of funds. Someone above suggested why wouldnt this be handled by a simple wiki.. indeed, a simple wiki would have gotten the job done without any need for an 'institute' or funding for it... and if theres no way we can spend money on it, then we aint doing it!
better to not expect anything ever t come from centrally organized or funded projects. people doing things for themselves is the only way we will get anything done.

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