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tOM Trottier


Tinker toys and mechano sets have been used to make many amusing automata.

recovering progressive


I love how we have such a wealthy and opulent society that we can muse about using absurdly complicated devices for tasks that modern devices can do very cheaply and simply. If the oil does run out, including the current TRILLIONS (100 years of oil at today's usage) of barrels of untapped shale oil reserves, and is not replaced by coal liquefaction, natural gas, solar or battery power, then I guess these Automata could be useful for transportation devices (also assuming bicycles become extinct). Since it is transportation that is the greatest draw on oil; FYI oil is not used to generate electricity in very large amounts.

Kris De Decker


"Engineering for a post fossil fuel world" or "post carbon world" would have been a more correct title, yes. It's not about transportation.

I am hoping that you will leave the untapped shale oil reserves and coal beds in the ground. I am aware of these energy resources, but burning them all up looks like a bad idea to me.



"... but it is the modern work that deserves attention."

Why? All you show are things that doing nothing but amuse (maybe) and give the creator a chance to say, "Aren't I clever." This has nothing to do with "engineering in a post-oil world". It is only art.

Kris De Decker


@ MikeM_inMd

Aren't engineers supposed to be clever? Was Leonardo da Vinci an artist or an engineer? I think there is a borderland between art and engineering and that is where new ideas are born.



Very inspiring, i like seeing the "complex in the trivial" for me that is where worlds are created and destroyed

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