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This is kind of related: http://wndw.net/
In densely populated 1st world cities, the EFF Open WiFi Router may be the best, but in the 3rd world (and/or rural areas), creating a community WiFi infrastructure would be a good and cheap general approach to connectivity

Kris De Decker


@ Ramiro

That's the topic of the next post: http://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2015/10/how-to-build-a-low-tech-internet.html

Thanks for the link.



The main issue I can see is legal liability. For this to work it must ensure that the people who pay for the wi-fi hotspot have legal immunity from anything illegal that is done by other people using their connection.

yves vetter


This seems extremely doable, based on my experience here in Seattle. Until pretty recently, I could almost always find an open WIFI connection from almost anywhere I parked my work truck. I can still see them, but folks have started using passwords more, so I can't always use them, but the point is that they city is indeed already fully covered, so all that's required is the software.

Andrey L.


For this to work, there ought to be legal guarantees for those sharing their wi-fi signals, and some new approaches to routers. There had been a couple of rather scary legal cases involving liability of people who purposefully shared their connections that way. It also violates the terms of service of virtually any provider in any Western country (including those who sign up for Google Fiber).

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