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Lars Knudsen


Sounds like a good bargain.
But is there an option for european buyers? I'm from Denmark and when buying from the US I have to pay customs handling fees of up to 40 USD per purchase.

kris de decker


@ Lars

You can select European online Lulu stores once you arrive on the page.



E-book will be also an option?

kris de decker


@ Juraj

Will be, yes. The other volume (2012-2018) is already available as an ebook (only kindle for now):




Still not in full color.

kris de decker


@ Paul

The e-book has color.

As I explained earlier this year, printing this book in color would cost more than $100, which is obviously too much.

We could publish a separate volume in color with only the images from both books. That would be much more affordable. Would that interest you?

By the way I think about half of the images on Low-tech Magazine are originally in black and white.



Are there any plans to release an updated version of the first volume (2012-2018) to include the new design changes?

kris de decker


@ Glombart

Yes. But for now I don't know when that will happen.

Peter Uithoven


Please also make the ebook available for other platforms. I'd love to read it on my Kindle which can handle general epub's and pdf's. (It also downloads purchages directly from Bol.com)



KDD : Makes a lower tech, paper version of his low tech website
Readers : Please make an e-book to read on my high tech device...
KDD : ...



What a lovely idea ! I live in France and would love to order a French version to share with my French friends. Any chance of that being published one day ?

kris de decker


@ Sonya

Yes, probably early next year

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