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Lovely boat! sad is that was not maintained and now is a crock.

Bill Vincent

What a fabulous bit of history. Sad that she's descended into such disrepair, but I guess you can't save everything, eh?


Intersting, Kalakala means Fishfish in Estonian.

Golanv Igvyi

A once beautiful ship. sad she is falling apart. Would love to see her restored and used again. Green would be just that much better. Golanv Igvyi First Raven Mi'kmaq and Cherokee nations


I found a photograph of this ferry in my dad's WWII photos and we didn't know what it was until today, what a sad story.

MaryEllen Davidson

I had been aboard the Kalakala in my youth. This brought tears to my eyes. She was so beautiful.

Greenwood Bob

The Kalakala's days are numbered, and the numbers are probably pretty small. As of this writing, the ship is listing pretty badly, the foundation that was trying to restore her has been dissolved and her owner is looking for a buyer. That is, of course, assuming he can keep her afloat. If he can't, the State of Washington will be forced to seize the ship and scrap it to prevent it from contaminating the waterway. Yet another Seattle landmark apparently destroyed by arrogance and greed.


I volunteer on the Kalakala and she is being repainted... the wheel house as well as the Double Horseshoe cafe will be completed this winter!!!


Sadly the Kalakala has been scrapped as of July 2015

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