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What a great website! Such interesting articles - this one, especially.



Low-tech Magazine is the only magazine worth subscribing to, offering up, as it does, such in-depth, erudite, and fascinating articles. Thank you.

David Le Page


This lighting arrangement is still used in many South African townships and informal settlements, where the light easily drops amidst the low buildings. It may be practical, but it brings something of a Big Brother quality to what it illuminates.



The half-height replica of the San Jose Electric Tower was not built on the same spot as the original. It's at the history park a few miles away.



Here's a link to Bing Maps showing the locations of many of the towers in Detroit, including pictures.


Bill Thon


there was a segment on Edison today (2-25-13) on Diane Rehm. they mentioned arc lighting on towers in the 1880s I did not know this type of lighting on towers existed..here I am on your site learning something!!!! Thanks
Bill Thon



I would have thought tall buildings would have been a boon to them by providing towers to hang them on.

Arc Light Museum/Szirmai Gábor leader


Thank for the article!! For our Museum (under construction now) in Hungary is a good information this.
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